Fascination Casino: Gambling is far from everything

Of course, casinos and casinos are first and foremost for the gambling, the visitors can pursue in the premises in great variety. However, roulette, poker and blackjack are far from the only reason that lures people into the casino again and again.

The big gambling houses of the world have long since become trendy event locations, whose calendar of events is packed every year. In addition to classics such as the New Year’s Eve ball and special holiday events, there are also various events such as special culinary offers, wine tasting, concerts and readings, revue theater and the particularly popular combined offers such as criminals or a dinner with variety program.

Of course, there is also a large selection of events that revolve around gambling. Ladys Night at the poker table, tournaments in various game variations, seminars where interested parties can learn the tricks of the gambling professionals and bingo evenings are almost weekly in the calendar of good houses to find. And, of course, no casino that can afford it can do without a restaurant with outstanding haute cuisine.

Depending on the establishment and occasion ladies and gentlemen are asked to appear in evening wear, at least for men but shirt or polo shirt, elegant trousers and closed shoes are required. The lady wears costume, trouser suit or an elegant combination of blouse and skirt or pants. The ensemble should not be too provocative, that bothers the claim to the good taste, which most of the houses maintain in this regard. In renowned casinos it is usually possible to lend for a small fee individual items of clothing such as a shirt, jacket and tie or even a full suit. Thus, all visitors can look forward to an absolutely authentic stay and enjoy the luxurious ambience to the fullest.