DENGUE FEVER INTRODUCTION: Dengue vomiting is a type out of arbovirus, which is rare for arthropod-borne virus. Each virus that causes dengue fever is carried through Aedes egypti mosquitoes, on top of that is transmitted to human through their bite. Exclusive organism that carries your own disease, without actually increasing the disease, is names a vector. DEFINITION: Dengue fever is a sickness caused by one about a number of microbes that are carried while mosquitoes. These mosquitoes in that case transmit the virus to help you humans. ALTERNATIVE NAMES: O’nyong-nyong fever; Dengue-like disease; Split bone fever.

SYMPTOMS OF DENGUE FEVER: * Fever * Scalp breakouts * Muscle aches (myalgia) * Joint aches (arthralgia) * Headache * Vomiting * Vomiting * Become bigger lymph nodes TREATMENT Towards DENGUE FEVER: There typically is no specific treatment when considering dengue or dengue hemorrhagic fever. However, supportive be concerned with intravenous fluids and moreover frequent blood test keeping track of reduces complications of fl citrus. In severe cases, blood transfusions may be required.

* Fluids * Sleep * Antipyretics (avoid aspirin) PREVERNTIVE MEASURES FOR DENGUE FEVER: * Monitor blood vessels pressure, hematocrit, platelet count, level of consciousness Maintain monitoring after defervescence 3 . Dengue fever can end prevented through measures that will help prevent mosquito breeding through house and to retain against mosquito bites. – Precautions include wearing long-sleeved clothes, using mosquito coil nailers and electric vapour mats, and using insect resilient over the exposed aspects of the body.

* Adoption of optimistic daily habits such so as clearing blockages from specific roof gutter, clearing results and stagnant water including drains, removing water at potted plants daily, the use of cookware plates and changing your current water in vases lethal head-on collisions . will also help up to eliminate the chances on mosquito breeding. www.huongrung.net To gain DENGUE FEVER: * Guaiacum officinalis to reduce the fever * Chickweed ointment on the way to soothe irritable rash Alternative HOME REMEDIES FOR DENGUE FEVER: Normal dengue a fever is not that a great risk.